Surroundings of San Jose del Cabo/Cabo San Lucas

What other places can you visit in Los Cabos?

Approximately 1 hour north of San José del Cabo is the town of Los Barriles. Known as the marlin capital of the world, this place is world famous for hosting various sport fishing contests. If you like action, the months of March to December, the prevailing winds in the area allow fans of windsurfing, kayaking, or snorkeling to be the activities preferred by the most intrepid. Likewise, in the town, there are over 200 boats ready to reach the sea and practice diving, navigation, and observation of underwater biodiversity.

todos santosThe depths of the area serve as a habitat for an extraordinary variety of colored fish, algae, and corals. Los Barriles is a silent and picturesque place, so one of the most enjoyable things you can do is rent ATVs that will allow you to transport yourself around the town and explore the dunes that are on the coast. The barrels allow the little ones and those afraid of the sea to swim calmly as if it were a natural pool. It is a space that allows healthy and quite fun. There are several places to eat around the beach, where for very low prices you can enjoy a delicious plate of ceviche on the beach. This beach is a little hideaway for all those looking for a quiet trip.

Another of the most important tourist attractions to visit on your vacation is a place of great cultural importance such as Todos Santos, located just one hour from the coast of Los Cabos, here you can visit the Mexico of the Colonial Era, this destination will take you on a journey through time as you walk through the streets, visit the main square where you can see one of the traditional preserved churches. You should not forget your camera, because it will amaze you with pastel colors and views of ancient architecture, with the cobblestone and stone streets, and art galleries you can visit while you walk through this town trapped in time.

balandraThis town is not only about colonial architecture, galleries, and art, you will also meet famous artists who are dedicated to conserving and making the art exhibitions that you will see while you are visiting, and you will even be able to chat with them. It is very common for artists to live in this town because of its great cultural value, because it is close to the destination of Los Cabos, and, without a doubt, because the tranquility and beauty of this destination will undoubtedly captivate you.

We cannot avoid mentioning the beautiful Balandra, it is a partially virgin beach, the first thing you see when you arrive is the transparent blue water, in a bay surrounded by hills, the sand is soft, inside and outside the water, a dream place. It is a secluded beach, so there are some palapas for public use. The water is perfect, it's like a big pool, with the water not covering your shoulders in the deep part, there you can choose to swim, walk, snorkel, as there are much fish in the area, even some transparent eels, which as soon as they see you, they quickly move away, there are also people who rent kayaks and paddle boards for 500 Mexican pesos an hour. But one of the major attractions is to visit a rock formation called the Balandra Mushroom, which was formed because of the erosion of water over time, the Rock, has taken the form of a giant mushroom.

Balandra has gone up to one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Mexico, the water is shallow, clear for snorkeling, peaceful to just lay in the water all day, and has stunning views, perfect for creating splendid memories.